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Sara Felicity (yes, Felicity) Miller was born in the coastal town of Westport, Connecticut to father Kit and mother Greg (yes, Greg) in 1969. Until around the age of eight, Sara experienced the life of a nomad, living on communes in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Seattle. After her mother remarried, they settled in Fort Collins, Colorado, where they resided for six years. But the nomadic lifestyle eventually re-emerged, taking Sara's family to Albuquerque and then, a little over a year later, to Phoenix.

Sara received a scholarship to Arizona State University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in French (yes, French). After graduating, Sara gave up on the idea of becoming a translator at the UN and decided to attend the Denver Publishing Institute instead. She quickly realized that her love of the written word and her somewhat anal tendencies made her perfectly suited to the editorial profession, so she headed back to the east coast with stars in her eyes and visions of procuring a job with Tina Brown at Vanity Fair. But alas, Tina failed to see the brilliance of Sara's resume (which detailed her stints as Foreign Language Lab Assistant, French Tutor, and Slice Girl at Nunzio's Pizza) and surprisingly passed up that golden opportunity.

Sara accepted a job as an editorial assistant for a small career magazine. After the magazine folded, she went to work for a continuity series publisher editing and writing on various subjects such as women's health, home decor, and sports for kids. The sports series piqued her interest in children's books and led her to take a position with Reader's Digest Children's Books. It was there that she became versed in the nuances of anthropomorphism, Barbie's little family secrets, and the true genus and species of Goofy. Sara even knows why Winnie the Pooh wears a t-shirt and no trousers, but she's not talking. While still editing, she took a stab at writing a few stories and found she enjoyed it. When her new hubby gave her the green light to go freelance, she began writing for kids in earnest and quickly became known as the (Short, Brunette, Less-Well-Endowed) Barbie Girl of Fairfield County.

In between detailing Eeyore's bouts with depression and Barbie's exploits as a jealous bridesmaid, Sara began writing down a story for grown-ups. That story became No Simple Thing (in more ways than one) but after nearly two years of work, she closed her laptop and decided to send it out into the world.

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