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No Simple Thing

"Imagine yourself young, independent, and career-centered. Now imagine yourself finding the man of your dreams. Unfortunately, he has an ex-wife and a beautiful daughter. Kate Van Horn finds herself in this position and is dealt a deck of cards that seems to have every trick that can be played against her, played. Alec's ex-wife keeps pushing Kate to the brink. Kate is faced with several challenges, which include keeping her demanding job and becoming an instant mother to this young girl. Will she be able to face the ultimate journey when the most tragic thing happens to her in her life?

Sara Miller in her debut novel has hit the nail on the head. She has taken an idea and turned it into a compelling and thoroughly interesting novel in No Simple Thing. Readers are quick to fall for Kate's story and want to read it in one sitting. And then read it again and again. Kate is a strong and interesting character that deals with the tricks that life gives her with an outlook that isn't always seen in good fictional novels."


"In Manhattan, Kate Van Horn has a successful career and enjoys the life of a single woman. However, when she meets divorcee Alec Callahan, she surprises herself by falling in love with the kind man. He reciprocates, though he was not looking for anyone after the debacle of his marriage.

Kate and Alec decide to marry, but his ex-wife Cheryl goes berserk, warning the newcomer that her life will be miserable and that she blames the breakup of her marriage on her; the fact that Kate and Alec did not know each other is irrelevant to the obsessed, crazed ex. While he is out of town on business, an out-of-control Cheryl visits Kate at her office with her young daughter Jessica in tow. Spouting profanities at Kate, the future second wife takes Jessica to stay with her assistant so that she can try to calm Cheryl down. When she returns Cheryl is gone, having dumped the kid on a stunned Kate. As she ponders between eternal love and a lifetime with the "perils of Cheryl", Kate wonders what happened to her cozy life.

This fascinating contemporary tale will grip the audience not so much for how much Kate is willing to endure, but instead for how far Cheryl will take her obsessive hatred. The story line will remind the audience of Fatal Attraction, though the cause is different.

Sara Miller is an author to keep an eye on if the complex character-driven plot that is NO SIMPLE THING is any indication."

Harriet Klausner, Midwest Book Review


"A compelling tale of the choices one woman makes for love . . . pitted against another woman's obsessive desire to get revenge."



"Could I love someone else's child? It is a question that many single women ponder. What happens if Mr. Right turns out to be a divorcee with custody of his children?  NO SIMPLE THING tackles this issue, exploring both the nature of maternal instinct and unbridled jealousy.

Kate Van Horn is a successful, strong-willed art dealer who is marrying Alec Callahan, father of Jessica, his child from a previous marriage. While most brides have only worries about wedding invitations and final dress fittings, Kate finds herself the target of Alec's spiteful and mentally unstable ex-wife Cheryl. A new home in Greenwich, Connecticut promises tranquility and happiness for the newly formed family but things do not go as planned.

This is an honest and deep portrayal of the conflicting emotions that face a stepmother who 'inherits' her spouse's daughter. Sara Miller eloquently communicates the hesitancy and difficulty Kate has in showing her affection for her stepdaughter but also the protectiveness she feels in shielding Jessica from her mother's acrimonious behavior. Kate and Alec become victims of a  one woman terror campaign wielded by Cheryl, a character who is very similar to the original 'Bunny Boiler'--Alex Forrest from the movie Fatal Attraction. A frightening character, Cheryl haunts Kate and Alec's relationship while her threats become increasingly tangible and dangerous.

NO SIMPLE THING is a great first novel by Sara Miller. The characters have depth and emotional complexity and she builds good suspense as the book progresses.  The twist at the end will stop readers in their tracks. A compelling read!"

— Roundtable Reviews


"Kate Van Horn is a successful businesswoman. Her independence and strength are evident to all that know her, but when she falls in love with Alec Callahan, her frailties begin to surface and Kate is confronted with her own inward demons.

Alec has a beautiful little girl from his first marriage, a child that is fine on weekend visits as far as Kate is concerned, but when circumstances change and she is to become a permanent fixture, Kate is not so sure how she feels. To complicate matters, Alec's ex-wife is not a stable person, but one that is set on destroying any happiness that Kate and Alec might hope for.

In this story, Kate begins to deal with many inner conflicts, beginning with her own relationship with her mother. She battles feelings of anger and rejection, and deep-seated emotions of her own strengths and weaknesses. As her life begins to tumble and spin out of control, she searches deeply for the true meaning of life and love. Is she able to overcome her own feelings of inability and allow love to take its journey in her life?

A book of raw emotions, of giving and receiving, and coming to terms with what truly is important. A very good read."

— Book Review Cafe

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